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Corporate, My middle name is Corporate

A perfect office look, or maybe an interesting creative outfit for Casual Friday.  A focused look and a scrutinizing attitude. An outstanding sales pitch and a clear vision of the business. A person married with his company, that always has something interesting to do outside his office space. Always busy, but always with exciting hobbies. But, most of all, a professional with great successes. That's most of the time the portrait of the Corporate Fellows.

This is an army perfectly trained to react and to predict accurately the market's movements. A special force division with a precise mission: to conquer the world, to crush the enemies and to make a profit, BIG MONEY. And the Commanding Officer of the Army is a perfect politician, a strategist, and an action-oriented General, with broad experience and heavy name in the business.

It's easy to recognize this picture when you open the news media when you walk out of the door when you imagine your career. Because of the success that usually follows those guys and because of the resonant framework set by the school.

Let's face it! It's a very nice way of living your life. And can become easy to do it. There are people to learn from when it's about the corporate world. People with great achievements and a great record. Usually, it is a process, uncovered by experience and knowledge, to become a Corporate Fellow, a successful one, that is, but it's doable.

An interesting aspect of this subject can be this one: Part of them are people that migrated to personal business with their own projects or start-ups. And this happened after a legendary professional life in their industry. It's not a trend to notice it, but it can be really easy to verify on most of the countries.

The main reason would be probably the need to do something that is to be born in a much personal area. Something that uncovers a value that was second pointed out in a To Do list of personal life. The importance of doing the right thing at the right moment would be another facet of this choice.
The model set by a career path usually is linked with this corporate world, that makes possible the most of the professional manifestation in that field.

It doesn't mean it is the only way...

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