marți, 4 septembrie 2012

Let's Get Professional

It's interesting enough to know that everything it's teachable if already done by someone else. That's what NLP is strongly affirming. If so, there's a good chance for interested ones to realize their impossible, a.k.a. their dreams and hopes, as defined by personal development literature.

There's a common knowledge that says: To become an expert you have to spend 10.000 quality hours in that domain. First, is that Expertise the no. 1 interest in order to use that important personal resources - personal time and energy? Why? That means you have to have very good reasons and implications, detailed and structured, preferably written. Second, Action is required, constant analysis and supervision on every single task for consciously react to improve yourself as professional. That means plenty of sacrifices.

But, how can you quantify those 10.000 hours when it's about the quality aspect of the work you do. Could this be altered by Training Sessions, By Coaching Sessions or by the presence and influence of other Experts? Knowledge and attitude can significantly prove a certain level of expertise, and the association with other professionals and experts could lead to a simpler professional path, but the critical aspect of the process of becoming an expert in the process itself that rule the right combination of experience, intensity, and knowledge that makes an expert.

But, if all of this can be reduced to hours of training and intensity of preparation, that expert guy can become a very lonely fellow. The studies show that the profile of an expert has an odd quality - introverted -, that one that makes the process valid. This is possible because this guy will know everything that is to know about his domain. And he will know it by heart and he will become able to push his domain further, to uncharted territory.

So, a question is raising up: Sales Expert, what is that? A professional Communicator? An outstanding Negotiator? A results delivery guy? All of this, of course, and much more. But how is he/she relating to the concept of expert-defined already? How the introverted salespeople can study by himself to become an expert, as long as this is a paradox, a salesman should be where clients are. And the final question: Could be Sales a domain with Experts? 

Different industries can put a finger on their top Sales People they have and can characterize with ease those as Experts. And they are. The question here is if Sales Experts can be considered as those other experts in other areas. If you switch the service or product of a salesperson, you could assist to an interesting reinventing process; reconfiguring the sales process to the domain and product, but this will be a new professionalization process.

Of course, there's no simple conclusion to all of this. There are a lot of people that think of the sales people that they are not actually working citizens, despite tons of legislation and taxation forms saying different things. And there are those who admire this ability and the persons that embody it. It is probably a problem of perception, sales people will always say that it is a profession and an art what they do, others will still consider it just a function in their business.

“What would you take it with you from this session?”

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