luni, 11 martie 2013

The power of recruiting I

From a certain point of view, the process of Recruiting and Selection candidates for a job is one instrument that empower the Recruiter with an extraordinary set of powers, the most important of all being the power of  deciding the candidate's future. You match the need of the organization for the specialist and the interest of that specialist to work in this organization. You open the door to a successful career and to tremendous development opportunities. It is a feeling of a deep responsibility and a a great fulfillment, especially if the possibilities of following and contributing to development of the candidate exist.

That power is linked with a greater responsibility, to company, to candidate, and to himself/herself. To himself/herself meaning that you are in the position of choosing to be a professional at his best or to compromise. Of course, there are a number of Key Performance Indicators that flags you when a certain problem occurs in the process you use to get results.

You are so passionate about people, about getting to know a large amount of new, fresh people, about communicating and about psychology. You are so passionate, so you get others excited too. Excited to join.

This part of a leadership skill, to attract the right people for the job, project, mission, has from many years an interesting tendency to outsourcing, mainly by budgetary reasons, but the projects that are highly sensitive are still doing it the old fashion, without intermediary.

There are a lot of companies that use numerous sets of career assessments and tons of tests, specially designed to seek and catch the best candidate available, and there are many of them using a PC based interface. Another tendency nowadays is to replace the interview face-to-face by another modern instruments, like on-line communication. be continued...

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