marți, 11 decembrie 2012

Things that stand (longer)

Oh, yeah... values... eternal preoccupation of the coaching nation. That only things that count in personal life and in all development plans.

So, what is wrong with the craving all the good, nice, delicious and beautiful things that seems to appear in all commercials from the TV program. Probably, nothing, but the sure fact is that abuse is never good. In that order of things, if TV is the only resource of our dreams, that's it, we're quite finished. The personal values set to be accessed by these commercials are evolving specially influenced by the targeted niche, so it's evolving to something tricky because it's not natural for all of the people watching TV.

But where can you take your basis for developing a good healthy conscious with moral principles and values for your life? You have to look and search somewhere, right?

That's for sure, but TV probably it's not the best of them. If you did go to one exotic trip that put a mark on your future lifestyle, it is probably natural to crave for this. But if you just take this thought from TV commercials or whatever, it is possible  not to be able to internalize that experience (actually it's not an experience) and make it constructive, but de-constructive.

Values do not change. Not necessarily. Maybe it's us that change our mind over time and tend to become more influenced in other external stimulus and other context. Eventually, we do access that fine tuning for our personality, but only if we become able to fight with all of the marketing weapons that bombard us full-time.

You have to consider only yourself, and that's a hard thing to do more and more. Only you can chose for you what is important, what can define you, what is the real you.

Do it!

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